Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those players that you have seen come and go over the years? The heroes and the villains, the saints and the sinners, the stars that you talked about for years after they had retired and those who you instantly forgot? WHERE ARE THEY NOW?The old belief was that ex-footballers became publicans or TV pundits. However, we hope that you will be interested, and in some cases amused, to find out that this is no longer the case.The characters featured are now scattered around the globe and have provided a pleasing variety of stories. For example, can you name the ex-Town player who later became a professional wrestler? Which local lad and member of the ‘great escape’ now has a doctorate? And who went on to become more famous as a Test Match cricketer? The answers to these and many more questions are included inside. Re-live memories of all of your favourite stars of yesteryear in this fascinating insight into life after Town.

Where Are They Now?

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